In order to turn a garden into a nice area with life and soul, the tumbled stones, one of nature's elements, are essential along with plants and flowers. By choosing the correct matches and features you will be able to turn the space into a more natural and elegant environment.
There are many ways to decorate a garden with stones, be it small or large.

Tumbled stones or garden stones can be placed in flower beds, potted plants and flowers, waterfalls, surrounding fountains, lakes and also to define pathways.

The stones with garden decorations is a neat solution, economical and requires low maintenance.

The stone borders and copings for swimming pools enhance any type of external facilities. With easy maintenance and durability there are many pool edges possibilities lined with natural stones, ranging from marble, granit, sandstone, slate, etc. The shape of the copings lay out and also the non-slip finish assures the safety issue that usually is inherent to these areas.