Casas de Banho
Casas de Banho

The modern and perfect bathroom should be attractive and functional. Gone are the days when the bathrooms had a cold and sterile appearance.

Today's bathroom is an elegant, relaxing, serene luxury division, a place to rejuvenate after a busy day. Natural materials are the key to achieve a modern look. 

The use of  materials such as wood, all kinds of natural stone (marble, limestone, onyx, slate, ornamental stones, etc.) and the glass is highly popular.

The bathroom is usually a reflection of the rest of the house as a key division.


Shower trays and bath tubs out of stone

The shower area can also have a shower base made out of the same material chosen for the cladding of the walls.
It is now possible to produce shower trays as single pieces, matching the walls and also enhancing the beauty of a bathroom.
These trays can be finished with anti-slip surface textures, where the safety is assured. Finishes such as bush-hammered, sandblasted, brushed or flamed, among others.


Vanity tops, sinks and bath tubs

Thanks to the evolution of technology associated with the natural stone industry, the companies are now able to manufacture special and  unique  parts entirely in stone or other natural materials, such as vanity tops, solid sinks or bath tubs .
The special parts are customized and produced cut to size, always taking into account the necessary fittings  for its proper function. These special items are carried out allowing for drainage valves to be fitted, the depth of the pieces meet the requirements to allow a proper drainage of the water, and any other issues regarding its functioning process are also accounted for . 

In order to make this type of special pieces more ergonomically (lighter weight and more accessible for installation purposes), the materials are processed and manufactured in such a way that enable the production of large vanity tops and sinks, as if these were made from solid blocks. Although these are produced out of thin slabs of marble or granite and give a perfect image of a whole piece carved from the raw material. These can be master pieces of art achieved through the thin cutting and joining of materials, with high detail finishes, as it is shown in the images.

Of an extraordinary beauty, these solutions turn bathrooms into unique and very attractive spaces.