The granite is the most abundant rock in Portugal, being the quarries located in the center and north of the country.

The granite has always been used in particular for residential buildings, floor coverings, pavings, etc. Because of its natural roughness and due to the lack of finishes in those days , this material used to be seen more as an external material rather than a decorative rock with internal purposes. 

The modern technology has allowed the industry to be able to saw the granite ​blocks and turn them into slabs. At the same time the polishing of its surface led into a new era of the  ornamental rocks, turning this fabulous material into a shiny and resistant material, perfect for the use in all kinds of worktops and paving surfaces.

Granite is the most resistant ornamental rock that nature can give, with an average hardness of about 20 times more than marble. Its composition is formed by strong quartz and can only be cut using diamond tools.

Applications - masonry, fireplaces, kerbs, pavings, all kinds of countertops, stairs, façade cladding, funerary art, among many other works.

The granite finishes are: polished, bush-hammered, honed, flammed and brushed.