Decorative stones
Decorative stones

The use of decorative stones is something that has become increasingly common in the interiors of houses and facades. Using this feature also contributes to the aesthetics of the home, especially if you pretend to give a new look to your home or if you are under construction.

Advantages of the decorative stones

  • Personality - The use of stones in architectural projects is an option to customize your home, as they add quality without taking up space. There are many ways to match the proposed architectural project;
  • Valuation - The use of decorative stones improve the status of the house, either if it is a facade or if it is the interior. They add value and charm and therefore the houses have a higher market value;
  • Cost-effective - The use of stones in walls, facades and / or interior has a good value for money. Of course this can represent a high cost on the acquisition and installation, but after being installed the need for maintenance is very low and expenses with painting and upkeep can be reduced;
  • Variety - The variety available in the market is very wide and therefore the options are broad. The advantage is that you can always find the shape, color and pattern that will match your style and design.